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Loomina MicroToner™

Loomina MicroToner™

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A non-invasive face lift that instantly gives you a more toned appearance. Our micro-current toner device tightens and lifts your facial muscles with the help of our alpha wave technology. A complete workout for your facial muscles, just like you would do to your body.


What You Need To Know
  • Microcurrent technology firms the skin and smooth fine lines
  • Preventative, anti-aging treatment
  • Perfect size for when you're on the go
  • Smaller spheres fit all the crevices of your face
  • 3 different intensity settings


 No Gimmicks • No Needles • Risk Free

How to use

1.Cleanse with an oil-free cleanser

2.Apply a few drops of our face lifting cream (or your own gel) onto fingertips and massage into clean, dry skin until fully absorbed

3. Perform glides/holds using our Microcurrent Device


We aim to process all orders within 1-2 business days. Delivery takes 7- 10 business days after processing.

Can I track my package?

Yes, we will provide you with the tracking number, and you can track your package by clicking on the "Track Order" button at the top of this page.

Return policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason contact us for a full hassle-free refund, love it or your money back!

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